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National Ambulance raises preparedness for adverse weather conditions

08 Mar 2024

Abu Dhabi, 8 March 2024: National Ambulance confirmed it has taken proactive measures to ensure preparedness for the anticipated heavy rains and adverse weather conditions expected in the country from the evening of Friday, March 8, until noon on Sunday, March 10. Measures taken include increasing its emergency capabilities, such as ambulance vehicles and crews, to effectively respond to potential emergencies in the Northern Emirates. National Ambulance is closely coordinating with the emergency partners at the local and national levels across the emergency and crisis system and strategically placing ambulances in areas likely to be impacted by the weather to ensure prompt response and public safety.

National Ambulance urges the public and road users to strictly follow the instructions issued by the concerned authorities and adhere to all safety guidelines during these expected weather conditions. It emphasizes the need for caution while driving, reducing speed, and maintaining adequate distance between vehicles. Additionally, the public is advised to avoid streams, valleys, floods, and low-lying areas.