Our Commitment

National Ambulance

Corporate Social Responsibility

Although our primary role lies in providing a vital public service centered on efficiently responding to emergency situations and saving lives, National Ambulance’s commitment to the nation and society goes far beyond that. We are an active corporate citizen to the communities we serve and provide important initiatives and active social responsibility programmes that reflect the priorities and values of our nation and serves the benefit of the community.

Our activities in the field of social responsibility are based on three main areas:

Community Awareness and spreading first aid knowledge
Providing Emergency Medical Services awareness to the community is an integral element of what we do. Providing information and training on what to do in medical and traumatic emergencies both informs the public and can help saves lives. National Ambulance’s Education and Training team provides life-saving skills training in corporate and community settings and through public outreach campaigns in the media and in communities.

Educating the public about emergency medical services and developing a culture of ambulance among all its categories is an integral part of what we do. Providing information and training to people about what to do in cases of medical emergencies and injuries not only helps educate them, but also helps save lives and reduce the severity or complications of injuries. In this context, the National Ambulance Education and Training Team provides both communities and institutions with training opportunities in first aid skills that contribute to saving lives, as well as implementing community awareness campaigns on first aid principles and concepts of safety and prevention through the media and direct interaction with the public.

Specialised courses and individual empowerment
Through our partnerships with public and private sector institutions that work directly with the public, such as school and university students, people of determination, or that have a large number of employees to serve the community, we provide training opportunities in first aid skills, dealing with injuries and other specialized courses. Our activities also aim to educate individuals and organizations about Emergency Medical Response and other crucial emergency health information. An example of our work is the partnership with the UAE Special Olympics that provides a number of activities and initiatives that are focused on empowering the People of Determination’s sports community. This included the recent sports injury ‘first aid CPR and AED during COVID19 time’ training series offered to the coaches, trainers and people working with People of Determination athletes. 

Partnerships to support the communities in which we operate
Our commitment to the community also includes supporting and contributing to initiatives that promote the health and well-being of the community. We formed a number of partnerships with the aim of supporting these objectives. Following a healthy and active lifestyle enhances life expectancy and reduces pressure on public health services. In this context, we support community sporting events through partnerships or sponsorships and undertake community education initiatives with participants.

We will continue with our efforts and create new streams to educate the community about emergency medical services and support healthy living in line with our vision and mission to serving our community and giving back to the nation.

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