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Public and Private Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

We provide a wide range of emergency medical services (EMS) to the private and public sectors. This includes providing comprehensive urgent pre-hospital medical care for serious illness or injury, whether it is in a public setting or an immediate onsite response. Through an integrated and seamless EMS system, our qualified clinical staff; combined with advanced medical and communications technology, fully equipped ambulances, medication, and coordinated response; enable us to provide the appropriate care for patients in any type of medical emergencies, public health crisis or trauma. Our services are organised into distinct sub-services as follows:

Public Medical Emergency Response

Our comprehensive public emergency medical response is integrated with other public emergency services and systems intended to maintain and enhance the public’s health, safety and security. This includes thoughtful planning and close coordination with regulatory bodies, Police, Civil Defense, Government hospitals and other stakeholders, as well as complying with legislative and regulatory requirements and industry standards. From receiving a call from within our areas of operations via our ambulance communications centers, ambulance resources are dispatched to the scene to manage, stabilise and treat patients before they are transported to hospitals, either via ground or air, to receive further treatment.

To complement this service, we also provide education and awareness programmes to raise public understanding of the ambulance service and inform people what to do in a medical emergency.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS)

Together with our aviation partners, we provide dedicated Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) to respond and transport critically ill or injured patients from the scene to emergency departments at hospitals. In addition to public response, the service is also provided as part of contractual agreements to cover remote onshore and offshore locations, such as oil and gas fields or military bases to ensure the delivery of an enhanced emergency response capability. Our service also includes inter-facility patient transport in which patients receive the appropriate medical care during their transport between hospital facilities. The comprehensive emergency healthcare response we offer is consistent with legislation and regulations as well as international best practice standards for aviation safety and clinical care.

Onsite Medical Support

We offer long-term onsite emergency medical support with licensed medical staff and fully equipped emergency vehicles for a variety of circumstances. This can be arranged for small or large-scale organisations, in public or secure locations, at venues with high visitor numbers and in remote locations or offshore facilities. This onsite medical response provides peace of mind to staff and management that highly trained personnel are ready to deal with any type of emergency or critical health and safety situation.

We can help you assess your site needs and industry requirements and ensure providing the right level of support with the appropriate resources for your business

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Other Services

Public and Private Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (PTS)

Ensuring patients are safely and comfortably escorted We provide a professional non-emergency patient transport service for those who need to be transported between healthcare facilities or between home/airport and the healthcare facility. This service is for patients who require clinical monitoring or supervision during transport but do not require a time-critical ambulance response. Patients who are seriously ill or their life is at risk should call 998 to request emergency ambulance. Our multidisciplinary team provides a specialised support using state-of-the-art equipment required to ensure a smooth and safe journey for the patient. Our emergency vehicles are equipped to the highest standard for patient transfer service with a stretcher, cardiac monitors/defibrillators, pain relief and other life-saving medical equipment. The service operates on a 24/7 basis by prior appointment within the UAE and caters for walking, stretcher-bound or wheelchair patients. All patient transports are completed under strict clinical protocols and in compliance with local legislation and regulations. Service Delivery Key Points Operates 24/7 within the UAE Includes inter-facility transfers, discharges from hospital to home, and transport to and from medical appointments Offers ground and air ambulance transport by qualified and highly trained medics Fully equipped ambulances fitted with life-saving equipment Caters for walking, wheelchair and stretcher-bound patients Implements a patient-centered care approach Operates within international standards and strict clinical protocols Complies with local regulations and legislations Require our service or have further enquiries? Book an Ambulance Do you require professional non-urgent ambulance transport to, from or between healthcare facilities? Request a quote by filling the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Form and our team will get back to you within 48 hours. Complete Form Contact Us Have a question for us? Use this form to contact us for assistance. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Enquire Now

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Public and Private Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Event Emergency Medical Coverage

Keeping spectators and participants safe at events We provide emergency medical standby coverage from basic to advanced life support tailored to events of every type and size in the UAE. From risk assessment and pre-event planning to deployment and emergency management, our team has the expertise and experience to meet whatever the need, whenever required. All phases and aspects of event coverage are completed under strict clinical protocols and in compliance with local legislation and regulations. Having effective medical services on standby at events can minimise risks and ensure people get immediate medical attention in the event of an accident or sickness. Our service provision ranges from a single medic with an ambulance to a multi-disciplinary team of Emergency Doctors, Paramedics and EMTs and multiple emergency vehicles. In large-scale events we utilise a complete incident command, control and communication structure and seamlessly integrate into the wider event organisation system including the coordination with other emergency service providers. Our coverage includes fully equipped emergency vehicles fitted with specialised portable medical equipment, first aid posts, foot patrols, the utilisation of modern communication systems and technologies and logistical support. National Ambulance UAE has extensive experience in supplying emergency medical coverage for a wide range of high-profile sporting and community events such as Formula One Grand Prix, ITU World Triathlon, UAE Cycling Tour, Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, Ras Al Khaimah’s firework displays and other local and international events. We are a trusted partner of Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management Company, and Zayed Sports City. Service Delivery Key Points Provides pre-event planning, advice and risk assessment, event medical management and post-event reporting Extensive experience covering high profile events Seamless integration with wider event organisation system Caters for all types and sizes of events offering different levels of medical care Ranges from a single medic to a multidisciplinary medical team with multiple emergency vehicles Static and mobile standby options including ambulance deployment, foot patrols and first aid posts Fully equipped ambulances fitted with portable AEDs and specialised medical and trauma equipment State-of-the-art command, control and communication systems Compliant with international standards and local regulations and legislation Standing by in case of an emergency From small groups to large-scale multi-sited/ multiple-day public events, we supply tailored emergency medical standby service to all types of events including: Concerts Community Sporting Events Professional Sports Events Exhibitions and Trade Shows Community Events, Festivals and Fairs VIP Events Ceremonial Shows Fireworks and Air Shows Marches and Parades TV and Film sets And more… We are ready to support your event We will conduct a risk assessment and supply you with medical coverage at a level appropriate for your event so you can take comfort in knowing that we are there when you need us Book Emergency Medical Cover for Your Event To request a quote for National Ambulance to provide emergency medical cover at your next event, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly. Complete Form Contact Us Have a question for us? Call us or fill an enquiry form to contact us for assistance. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. +971 2 596 8600 Enquire Now

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Public and Private Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Clinical Education and Training

Comprehensive EMS Educational Solutions National Ambulance is one of the nation’s largest authorised providers of American Heart Association (AHA), National Association of EMT (NAEMT) and Authorized American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) training. In addition, our Education and Training centre offers different certification in life support and other types of emergency response programmes. We are also an authorised National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Recertification site. Our Educators follow the National Association of EMS Educators methodology in delivering EMS education and have extensive experience in teaching people how to save lives and have certified hundreds of thousands of people across the UAE and region. Adopting a quality-centred approach and focusing on achieving academic excellence, our Education and Training division operates within five main areas: International Accreditations, EMS Education, Organisations and Individual Training, Community Outreach Programmes and EMS projects. International Accreditations and EMS Certification To remain current on the ever-expanding knowledge and skills required of EMS professionals, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution for EMS practitioners and medical professionals where they can achieve their certifications for their basic and advanced disciplines including EMT/ Paramedic certification, EMS certification and professional development CME training. Our centre offers class room and online blended learning via an interactive learning environment to practice and maintain life-saving knowledge and skills in accordance with international best practices. We use the latest technology including simulation-based learning on a variety of EMS clinical scenarios, directive real-time feedback devices, online eLearning, virtual learning and remote skills verification to support learning and courses objectives.   Training and International Certification Organisations and Workplaces If an accident or incident happened at your workplace, do your employees know what to do? Every second counts if a person has a heart attack or a serious accident. We offer onsite workplace training and classes to organisations across the country. We can provide your employees with the awareness and competencies required in an emergency situation giving your organisation the assurance of the best in training. We are able to fulfil your organisational safety training needs by offering flexible and convenient options for international certification. From traditional classrooms to blended learning and virtual classrooms, we can equip your employees with the vital knowledge and skills to handle workplace incidents. We can develop a customized First Aid CPR AED programme including AED implementation and provide Emergency Medical Response, Emergency Vehicle Operator Safety courses and more for organisations. Individuals We offer First Aid CPR AED Training, emergency medical response (first responder) and community emergency response team programmes for the general public across the UAE. We provide in-person and convenient blended learning training options. With blended learning the online portion can be completed at your own pace and the skills assessment can be done through a short session at one of our training sites. EMS Projects The objective of our EMS projects is to achieve continuous improvement in emergency services in different communities and settings by revising existing standards, developing new ones and utilizing new technologies. The process also includes identifying high risk situations and setting the right prevention strategies for them. Implementing these standards and strategies enhance people’s safety and health hazard prevention. For any organisation or community group looking to enhance their emergency medical response (indoor and outdoor) we can assist you to implement the required programmes including AED implementation and Chest Compression Programmes, EMS Kids and more. We are also certified to internationally authorise training centres or sites. Community Outreach Programmes National Ambulance is committed to ensuring and enhancing the health, safety and the quality of life in our community and providing emergency medical services awareness. Our commitment to saving lives in the communities we serve extends beyond the back of an ambulance. One of the primary roles of our Education and Training department is ongoing community outreach. Our programmes spread EMS awareness and inform/ teach those we serve on what to do in medical and traumatic emergencies in a variety of ways and channels. In line with our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we form partnerships and work with local government, healthcare systems, businesses and non-profit and international organisations on projects that promote and enhance the wellness, health, and safety to collectively help impact the lives of the people we serve. We offer a variety of community outreach programmes and public awareness campaigns including Hands only CPR, CPR in schools, Car Seat Safety, Stop the Bleed, AED Training, EMS Kids, EMS awareness and more.   Service Highlights: Extensive experience in delivering EMS Education Programmes in the UAE and the region Highly experienced, qualified and internationally accredited educators and instructors Following National Association of EMS Educators’ methodology in delivering EMS education Internationally accredited and authorised provider of NAEMT, AHA and ASHI Training An authorised National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Recertification site Academic excellence and skills mastery a top priority Utilizing latest technology and science Implementing a quality centred and safety first approach Offering flexible in-person, blended and virtual training options We are ready to support you, are you prepared? We can fulfil your safety training needs and provide you with the awareness and competencies required in any emergency situation Contact Us Have a question for us? Call us or fill an enquiry form to contact us for assistance. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. +971 2 596 8600 Enquire Now

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